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A Radical Innovation.

Fishing hooks with a reflective index of One.

The the reflective index of Water? One.

What does that mean? The hooks disappear in water...
so fish can't see them.

More natural flies. More natural drifts. More fish.

FluoroHook is a clear polycarbon/fluorocarbon fishing hook that was developed for the serious fisherman who wants to catch more fish, and more elusive big fish. Our stealth design is invisible in water so fish cannot see the hook like conventional hooks that are made of metal. Every serious fisherman has experienced a trophy fish bumping the fly with his nose, or turning away at the last moment. Odds are it is because the fish sees the metal hook, or the flash from the the sunlight.

Since the reflective index of FluoroHook is the same as water it imitates water in all light conditions. When a traditional hook reflects sun light as a flash, FluoroHook simply reflects as a natural part of the water.

We are bringing the most functional and innovative fishing hooks ever produced to the market, and are proud that we are changing the fishing industry as a result. Here are some of our highlights:

  • FluoroHook has a unique 90 degree turn to the eyelet that allows the fly to sit and float more naturally on the water.

  • FluoroHook is lab tested. Its strength comes from revolutionary mixtures of polymers that make it as strong as traditional hooks.

  • FluoroHook is field tested. Fished side by side with a metal hook it consistently produces more takes and hook ups than traditional metal hooks.

  • FluoroHook is lighter and floats higher and drier than conventional dry
    fly hooks.

  • FluoroHook is not always clear. We are producing color injected hooks for speciality flies such as egg patterns, worms, emergers and nymphs. Where the body color of the fly matters - we are matching it!



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